American Pride Sharpening Service - We're so Sharp, it gives You the Edge.
Our team of experts are now prepared to offer the advantage of mail order sharpening to the list of services provided to our customers. This benefit makes it easier for our clients to maintain their tools at peak performance without the necessity of spending valuable time bringing them to our facility and then picking them up after having been serviced. 

We provide advice on properly packaging your tools for shipping by the U. S. Postal Service. Your tools will be shipped back to you within 24 hours after receipt at our facility. Included within the package along with your professionally sharpened tools will be a self addressed package with postage and insurance paid for to facilitate your next shipment of tools to be sharpened at our facility. Your satisfaction guaranteed or your money refunded.

Mail Order Price List

 All Kitchen Knives   $ 4.50
 Hunting Knife              $ 5.50
 Tin Snips                      $ 7.50
 Gas Hedge Trimmer       $26.50
 Blender Blades         $ 6.50 
 Machete                     $ 9.50
 Chain Saw Chain          $21.50
Electric Hedge Trimmer 16"  $12
 Cleaver                   $ 5.50
 Pocket Knife               $ 4.50
 Chain removed             $16.50
Electric Hedge Trimmer 17" $17
 Pizza Wheel            $ 4.50
 AX                            $ 7.50
 Tree Pruning Saw         $ 9.50
  Hedge Shears               $  6.50
 Household Scissors $ 4.50  
 Hatchet                       $ 7.50
 Pruners                       $  6.50
 Grass Clippers              $  6.50
 Upholstery Shears    $ 8.50
 Chisels                       $ 5.50
 Pole Saw                     $  8.50
 Lawn Edger                   $ 6.50
 Paper Cutter (per Inch) $ 1
 Hand Planer Blade        $5.50
 Shovel/Spade/Hoe          $ 7.50

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